Every religion is distinct in it’s rituals and practices. Every religion has a distinct code which it’s adherents follow. But there are times when a person has to make a difficult choice between adhering to his/her religious code or setting it aside for the greater good.

The Sikh religion, like any other, is all about service to humanity and sacrifice for a greater cause. Many belonging to the Sikh community have time and again proved that these principles have more importance in their belief systems, in comparison to religious codes.


1. Harman Singh — T ook off his turban to save a bleeding boy

Source: The Telegraph

In May 2015, this 22-year-old student was faced with a crucial decision when he was witness to a car accident in Aukland, New Zealand. In the conflict between following his religious code and giving it up to save a boy’s life, he chose humanity and removed his turban using it to stop blood flowing from the little boy’s head.

2. Inderpal Singh and Kanwaljit Singh — Didn’t think twice before using their turbans to save lives

Source: Daily Mail

On Sunday during the immersion of Ganesha idols at Sular Ghar in Sangrur, Punjab, few boys lost their footing and got washed away after being hit by a gush of water. As people started crying for help, Inderpal Singh removed his turban and tossed one end of it towards the boys, eventually pulling them out of the water. Looking at Inderpal, Kanwaljit Singh did the same and hence a tragedy was averted.


3. Bhagat Singh — cut his beard and hair for the nation

Source: Royal Bulletin

Known for his ultimate sacrifice for his motherland, this revolutionary laid down his life for the India’s independence. But apart from the many things he left behind, Bhagat Singh set his religious obligations aside, and cut his hair and beard. He did this so that he could avoid being arrested and continue to contribute to the struggle.

Adherence to religious codes is a right of every human being but to put humanity over rituals is the duty of every person who is true to one’s faith.

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