There are some people who can't be held back even by the pandemic. On Saturday, Delhi Police busted a party that was being hosted and attended by 40 gangsters and their associated in Pochanpur village of Dwarka.

They had come together to celebrate the release of a gangster, Sunny Nandi, who was released from prison on interim bail on August 8. The leader, Nandi was in jail for a double murder, attacking police personnel and robbery and was bailed for medical treatment till August 31. 

Source: India Today

However, Dwarka Sector-23 police had been keeping a close eye on him since he was released from jail. And that's when they found the group of criminals from Delhi and Haryana celebrating his release. Active members of Naveen Khatti Gang of Najafgargh were present at the party. 

Source: Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

At the party, police managed to catch 37 of the present criminals. They also recovered illegal arms and ammunition from the locations, including 4 automatic country-made pistols, one short handgun and 13 cartridges of different bores. Apart from the criminals, the owner of the venue, Shree Shyam Vatika has also been booked by the police.