This list of ‘been there-seen that’ will remind you that you are well & truly from that glorious time. For the ones who missed out, discover!

1. You know at one point of time, 10’o clock was super late for you.

2. You bought the tapes, you played the tape-recorder. And you were a total pro on how to use the pencil to get your tape fixed.

3. You had adorable fat landlines or the then “too-cool-to-be-true” cordless phones with no caller id. You never saw those smart-phones coming.

4. Remember going crazy for Rola Cola, Gold Spot, Rooh-Afza and pouched Sip-Sip.

5. You actually had an ice-cream vendor hit your neighborhood every evening. Remember when Kwality was just Kwality and not Walls?

6. Owning a cycle with fancy features was a big deal.

7. English was getting compulsory at school & you felt darn cool speaking it.

8. You actually went out of the house to play all the fun games. Pitthu, gallery, you name it!

9. You visited gaming parlors with enough coins for 5 rounds of 16 bit video games.

10. You didn’t gel well with the Star Plus of that time. Nothing like today!

11. You did a daily marathon of Duck Tales, He-Man, Flash Gordon, Superman, Tail Spin, Aladdin, Dennis the Menace, Chip & Dale, Spiderman, Mickie Mouse, Small Wonder & more. That too in Hindi!

12. Sundays were all about Chandrakanta, Mowgli followed by Mahabharata.

13. You read and re-read editions of Rangoli, Champak, Suppandi, Archies, Chacha-Chaudhary, Nanadan & Chanda Mama. And you still remember the Champak joke section!

14. You thought Y2K would end it all!

15. Scented, shimmery crazy balls & eraser pencils were your prized possessions.

16. You know what a Milton bottle is!

17. You immediately know what a person is talking about if they say “DD1” or “DD Metro.”

18. You started using pens in the 6 th grade & an ink pen was your big leap of faith.

19. Mobile phones were meant for just a few.

20. The Maruti 800 was the car of an entire generation.

21. Railway tickets meant queuing up & flights were meant for Richie Rich. IRCTC? What IRCTC?

22. You were crazy about Uncle Chipps, Parle Kisme, Poppins, Swaad, Pan Parag & Mango Bite.

23. You have used coins that future generations will only see on eBay.

24. Your Prime Time TV consisted of Shreeman-Shreemati, Shaktiman, Byomkesh Bakshi, Zabaan Sambhalke & Dekh Bhai Dekh. Admit it, you still remember Dilruba Ji!

25. You really miss Nutties & Tiffins.

26. You acted super cool while fake smoking candy cigarettes.

27. You have been through some terrible & not so terrible fancy dress competitions.

28. Onida & the Onida devil. “Neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride.”

29. Tonnes of home-work? No problem. Topical chart-papers FTW!

30. That awesome 90’s advertising! You actually hummed the jingles & it really gave you the feels! Remember Hamara Bajaj, Cadbury, Raymond’s & Dhaara?

31. Watching a recently released movie was a dream come true! VHS rentals all the way!

32. Remember, the weird clothing combinations & over-doing the bermuda shorts.

33. Going crazy for Fusen chewing gum tattoo!

34. No birthday party was complete without colorful cracker chips & a big glass of Rasna. Maybe more than one.

35. You actually know who these people are. You know these faces for sure.

36. Relatives staying abroad were a fancy lot! And they bringing Toblerones was a real-BIG deal!

37. You have enjoyed the golden era of Indian Pop music, with the likes of Bali Brahmbhatt, Biddu, Ila Arun, Baba Sehgal, Alisha, Anamika, Bally Sagoo, Sukhbir and Lucky Ali serenading you with their funky numbers.

38. You still remember the Colonial Cousins as well as their famous “Pa ni dha pa-pa ma re sa!”

39. Hip Hip Hurray was every school kid’s “Ooh-I-watch-it”, “And-I-love-it” show.

40. You remember Sunidhi Chauhan as a kid participating in Meri Aawaaz Suno.

41. Your school life was all about your amazing pencil box packed with Nataraj pencils, Nataraj sharpener & erasers.

42. When the power went out, you actually dialed the electricity board office & demanded to put the power back on.

43. If you lived in Delhi, going out to Nirula’s was a big dinner feast.

44. You know this means “There’s something wrong with your TV.”

45. Admit it. Light up sneakers made you go all woah!

46. You were in awe of computers & you have actually worked on shit half of this world will never know!

47. Cameras for you were this along with the reel!

48. You hum along whenever you see “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” on TV.

Based on this totally epic Quora post.