48-year-old Nilanjana Chatterjee from Kolkata put her own life at risk to rescue a girl who was being molested in a car in the Anandapur area of South Kolkata. 

The incident took place on the night of 5th September when Chatterjee was returning home with her husband, Deep Satpathi, from a party. 


While they were on their way, Chatterjee heard a girl screaming for help from a car that was behind their car. She immediately asked her husband to stop the car. In an interview Deep Satpathi said: 

We were coming back after attending my mother-in-law’s birthday when my wife heard a girl screaming for help from a car behind our car and asked me to stop the car.

When Chatterjee ran to save the girl the man who was driving the car pushed her out of the way and ran the car over her legs. Thankfully, the girl who was rescued escaped with a few stitches but, unfortunately Chatterjee suffered a head injury and multiple fractures. 


While shedding light on the incident, the girl in her complaint stated that she knew Amitabh Basu, the accused for just a week and they had agreed to go out on Saturday evening for a date night. According to reports, Basu, allegedly attacked the girl and even ripped her clothes apart. 

After being admitted to hospital and getting proper treatment, Chatterjee was able to walk again on 11th September with a help of a walker. Though, she is still undergoing treatment.


As of now, the police has arrested the accused. A reconstruction of Saturday night’s inicident was also carried out with Deep Satpati, the witness and the accused who were taken to the spot on Wednesday night. 

People on Twitter lauded Nilanjana Chatterjee for her bravery and swift action. 

Hats off to her!