2017 has definitely not been a kind year for many airlines, and it is definitely the fault of no one else but those airlines!

From harassing elderly customers, to serving meals with cockroaches, airlines have truly lost the class associated with air travel. And now, another incident has come up, this time involving Air India. 

Air India has had a history of delayed flights, but the bar hit an all time low when passengers were made to wait 5 hours for a domestic flight. 

India Today

The Mumbai-Delhi flight of Air India was scheduled to depart at 9 am from the Chattrapati Shivaji Airport. However, it departed at 2 pm instead. 

Unfortunately, the passengers had already boarded the plain for the 9 am flight as scheduled and were asked to deboard after 2 hours at 11.15 a.m.

Naturally the passengers were frustrated. There was further delay, to which the only reason that airline staff provided was ‘technical difficulties’, aggravating the passengers even more. 

As a result, the passengers started chanting “Air India Hai Hai” at the airport. 

While it is understandable that there are bound to be circumstances that one can not control, it is important for the airlines to be empathetic to a passenger’s situation and provide accurate and timely information. 

Here’s hoping 2018 flies better!