There’s so much time in the world to vile away, proves protesters who spend hours brainstorming ways to halt the most-awaited period drama of the year.

Honestly, it hasn’t been a smooth ride for Padmavati ever since its cinematic adaption was conceived. Unfortunately, the road ahead doesn’t look any smoother either, thanks to fringe groups who are willing to do anything to prevent the movie from releasing (FYI none of them have seen the movie yet).

And when we say anything, we have a list for you to contemplate, just like the leading lady, have we as a nation really regressed? Have a look. 

Halt a train!

On Thursday, members from ABVP halted a train in Allahabad to protest the release of the film. 

Armed with posters and flags, the members gathered at the railway track in large numbers and halted Sarnath Express which was on its way to Bihar’s Chapra from Chattisgarh’s Durg. 

Why harass poor commuters for a controversy as frivolous as this?

Write letters in blood

In Jaipur, Sarv Brahmin Mahasabha went a step ahead and signed a letter demanding ban on the movie with their own blood. 

Addressed to Censor Board, the letter claims to bear close to 1,000 blood signatures. The group which was protesting outside Raj Mandir cinema hall in Jaipur, has accused the makes of distorting historical facts. 

The Shurpanakha threat

Karni Sena, which assaulted Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his crew in Jaipur’s Jaigarh Fort in January, went public on Wednesday in threatening physical harm to Deepika Padukone. 

“Rajputs never raise a hand on women but if need be, we will do to Deepika what Lakshman did to Shurpanakha,” said Mahipal Singh Makrana of Rajput Karni Sena. 

Demanding a Bharat Bandh on December 1, the group has also threatened to behead Sanjay Leela Bhansali if need be, beside cutting the actress’s nose. 

Vandalise an entire mall!

In Kota in Rajasthan, close to 50 members of Karni Sena barged into a movie hall on Tuesday and vandalized it. 

They were protesting the screening of a teaser from the movie, reported PTI. Not only did they shatter the glass windows, they also ended up destroyed the booking counter and pelting stone at the hall. 

Ruin a rangoli

Earlier in October, an artist’s rangoli in a mall in Gujarat was reduced to rubble by fringe groups as an act of protest. 

Close to 100 people destroyed artist Karan K’s art in a matter of minutes that took 48 hours to complete.  

With less than three weeks to go for the release, it will be interesting to see (or not) what tricks the groups are hiding inside their caps. (eye roll)

(Feature image: Representational)