Given the current scenario, setting foot outside for anything other than buying groceries is a big no no but, there are some parents who aren’t taking quarantine and social distancing norms seriously. 

Despite knowing the dire consequences, some parents in Punjab were sending their kids for tuition so a 5 year-old-boy did what any responsible person would do. 

He spilled the beans and reported his tutor and his uncle (who was taking the boy for classes) to the Punjab police for violating lockdown rules.

A video is also going viral on the internet where the 5-year-old boy can be seen guiding the police to the tutor’s house. He willingly helped the police in locating the tutor’s house.

The boy asked his tutor to come out and naturally, the lady was shocked to see the police outside her doorstep. At first, she denied all the allegations but the child informed the police that three students have been coming regularly for tuition classes.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police (Batala) Gurdip Singh caught hold of the tutor and also the boy’s uncle for bringing his nephew and niece for tuition at Thathari Mohalla in Batala city of Gurdaspur district.

After the boy’s uncle was found guilty, he was schooled by the DSP for not staying indoors and bringing children for tuition. 

Later, the DSP informed the media that the boy’s uncle apologised and said he would not take the kids for tuition during the lockdown. 

After seeing the viral video, netizens lauded the young boy for taking action against his uncle and tutor who were being irresponsible. 

Sometimes, kids too can teach us important lessons.