In times when all farmers are facing difficulty selling their produce, 55-year-old Kanti Amliyar decided to turn the situation around and help others.

He is giving away the vegetables grown in his farm for free. His total contribution stands at 400 kilograms of produce as of now.

The Indian Express

Hailing from Dahod, Gujarat, Amliyar does rounds of the village to find out who needs his support and then provides them with supplies for no cost.

A report from The Indian Express quoted him as saying:

It was anyway difficult to sell the produce this season. So I decided to help the fellow villagers who are unable to fend for themselves. My family has also been very supportive. If needed we will distribute our second round of produce among the villagers as well.
Fair Observer/Image for Representation

Living on his savings from previous years, Amliyar figured that many families in his village, mainly consisting of migrant workers, have it a lot worse and he is trying to help them out.

We are consuming our own farm produce as well. We realized that there are families and individuals who are going through even worse and we decided that there was no harm in helping them. If we are not able to provide for farm labourers we get together to pluck the produce and package it.

He says he is even willing to give his next produce, which is that of lady fingers.

Stepping up for the greater good.