If there’s one voice that’s dominant on pretty much any social media these days it’s that of the nationalist, Narendra Modi supporter. Twitterati, fake profiles, noted personalities and celebrities are all part of the brigade that you will have to brave, should you have anything to say about the government and as a natural extension, the country. 

Here are tell tale signs:

If not with us, you should be in Pakistan

You think India’s intolerant? Go to Pakistan. You host a debate critical of the government? You should go to Pakistan. You are from Bangladesh? Well you can go back to where you came from. Everything outside of India is intolerant (yes even the US), and we’re so tolerant in the country that you’d better not question it, let alone say anything against it. 

Modi is the greatest

There has never been a prime minister as good nor will there ever be. And so what if he doesn’t openly speak out on the biggest issue of the day, that only shows how hard he’s working. The only person who can beat Modi is Modi, but it’s not certain that even that can happen. No matter the losses, controversies, silences or the acronyms no one follows, he’s the best. NOTHING changes that. 

Criticism for government = Criticism for Modi 

b’PM Modi and the cabinet | Source: PIB’

You don’t need to criticise Modi. But if you criticise any of the PM’s ministers, their decisions, their statements or even their eating habits, you just insulted the Prime Minister. And you should know better than to do that. Everyone picked by the Prime Minister is great because he is great, and great people never make wrong choices. 

Anupam Kher > SRK + Aamir Khan + everyone else in Bollywood

b”You’d better care about what Kher says | Source: PTI”

Anupam Kher is awesome — he says what the PM doesn’t. Everything he says is awesome. Everything he says in response to every Modi critic is awesome. Only he can hit the nail on the head, and boy, does he nail it and every sickular every time. If Salman Khan wasn’t around, the next Dabangg installment would have starred just Kher giving a monologue to applause. 

Facts don’t matter, sentiments do

b”Sehwag would’ve said the exact same thing for sure. | Source: Twitter”

There is no such thing as a parody account. What? That tweet wasn’t from the celebrity? So what, even the real celebrity should have said the same thing. The image is photo-shopped? That soldier in the video’s not real? So what, it’s the thought that counts.

Congress had sixty years, but yet you only criticise Modi

b”You just don’t get it do you? | Source: Giphy”

For every fault you find with the Modi government, please give instances of every time you found fault with the Congress government, the Left and every other political party that has ever held any kind of power in the past. Your criticism isn’t valid unless you’ve noted everything wrong with the 60 years of Congress rule and the few years coalitions had between them, What? You don’t know what the Congress did in 1971? Educate yourself.

– Six Ways To Identify A ‘Congi Chamcha’ On Social Media