While the death toll in the coronavirus outbreak rises to 427 in China, doctors, nurses and other health officials in various hospitals are overwhelmed as hospital beds are filling up fast, with patients.


As more and more cases of this deadly virus are being confirmed around the world, doctors and the nurses are working around the clock to save patients who are affected.

One doctor named Liang Wudong (62-years-old), even lost his own life while treating patients infected with this deadly virus in China.

People on social media also mourned his death by calling him a true hero for his selfless contribution. 

Exhausted doctors were also seen sleeping on the floors of a hospital in China in their protective suits while, some others were snoozing in chairs and at their desks.


In China’s Wuhan district, where the virus seems to have originated, a brand new hospital was built with 1,000 beds within 16 hours to treat patients so, you can imagine the seriousness of the situation right now. 

According to reports, 20,630 people have been affected, out of which, 2,790 people are in critical condition.

27 countries including India, Nepal, Spain, Hong Kong and the US have confirmed cases with regards to this virus, which just goes onto show its devastating effects. 


Those who are affected with this virus are being put in isolation wards and are being monitored but we have to say that the doctors and nurses who are working hard and risking their own lives deserve an applause. 


Right now, we can only take precautionary measures but we hope the vaccine will be developed soon. 

Let’s just take a moment and salute to these brave souls for risking their own lives and putting duty above anything else. Thank you!