An horrifying incident has been reported from Shri Sahjanand Girls’ Institute (SSGI) in Bhuj where 68 female students were asked to strip in order to confirm if they were menstruating or not. According to the report, women in the college are forbidden from touching other students, entering the kitchen or the temple during their menstruation. 

Hindustan Times

So when a hostel warden complained that students hadn’t been following the rules, the students were collected and paraded to the washroom. There, the principal, Rita Raninga asked them to remove their underwear to check if they were on their period. 

Ahmedabad Mirror

When one of the students told a male trustee present that they will protest this and file a complaint, he responded saying they were welcome to go to court. However, the women should leave the school hostel and sign a declaration denying that anything had happened to them before they do. 

We will take strict action against whoever is responsible for this kind of behaviour.

-Darshana Dholakiya, the Vice-Chancellor in-charge

The Print

According to reports, the National Commission for Women has promised to set up an inquiry team and visit the victims involved. The NCW added that both the principal and one of the trustees have been asked for an explanation.