In a bizarre incident, Indore police found cash worth ₹6,480 lying on the road in Hira Nagar area of Indore.

The video of the incident started circulating yesterday and shows police officers carefully picking up the notes with the help of sticks.

The notes can be seen paced under small rocks, presumably to stop them from flying away.

A report from Scroll said that the locals saw 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 notes lying in front of a lodge and panicked.

They then informed the municipal authorities, after which a team of policemen came and took the notes for investigation after proper sanitisation.

The report also quoted Deputy Inspector General Harinarayanachari Mishraas saying:

All allegations, speculations and possibilities about the notes being contaminated will be examined.

Indore is one of the hotspots of coronavirus in India, with 244 cases till today (April 17) morning.