I remember when I was a kid, every time I wanted to try something new, I was told that I am still a kid and can do this when I am older. 


Now that I am older, neither do I have the will nor the energy to do anything I had planned. 

But this doesn’t hold true for this 7-year-old Virat Chandra from Hyderabad who has scaled Mount Kilimanjaro which happens to be the highest mountain in Africa.

He started his journey on March 5th and completed the scaling on March 6th. Reportedly, it took him 5 hours to reach Kibo hut, an elevation of 4,720 metres, and almost 8 more to reach the summit.

Virat shared he was inspired to take on such a feat when he saw his cousins doing the same. He had video-called his cousins while they were on a trekking trip in Rudugaira Mountains, Uttarakhand.


After discussing it with his parents, they approached his trainer, Bharath. 

While in conversation with ANI, Bharath shared that: 

We took all precautions & had decided that we’d return if he’d feel uneasy but he made us proud.

Bharath shared that Virat was rigorously trained for a month for the same. While there were many who left the training midway but the kid was excited about it. 

His training included tasks like running and mock climbing. 

Deccan Herald/ Daily Motion

The young kid mentioned he was scared but he was dedicated to fulfilling his goal. 

I tell you, kids today can legit do anything.