While people around the country are struggling with the soaring price of onions, someone has gone and stolen 700 kgs of the vegetable from a market in Mumbai.

The stock was stolen from a wholesaler trader’s shop in the Sion region of the city. The amount stolen is estimated to cost Rs 50,000.

“On Saturday morning, when I reached the shop, I found 14 sacks of onions missing,” said Anand Naik, the owner of the shop (as quoted by NDTV ).

An FIR has been recorded at the Wadala Truck Terminal police station.

“We have registered a complaint of onion theft. This is a very surprising case,” said senior inspector Suhas Garud.

The price of onions have reached staggering amounts, with the average price in the country being Rs 80 per kg.

In Lasalgaon, Maharashtra, which happens to be Asia’s biggest onion market, wholesale priced reached Rs 57 on August 22. In Delhi, onions are retailing at Rs 75-80 per kg and in Mumbai it is Rs 65 per kg.

“The shortfall has primarily been on account of adverse weather conditions, including unseasonal rains which have impacted both the standing and harvested crop at major producing centres,” the Consumer Affairs Ministry said in a statement.

In order to keep a check on prices the central government has decided to import onion until the prices get affordable.