The total number of positive coronavirus cases in India have risen over 3,000 with 77 deaths so far.

Data put forward by the central government reveals that around 75% of the total COVID-19 patients in India belong to the working age population in the age group of 21-60.


The population between 21 to 40 years accounts for 41.8%, the maximum share of coronavirus infections. Those in the age group 41-60 account for 32.8% and those above 60 stand at 16.69% of the total number of infected people.

The youngest age group 0-20 accounts for just 8.61% of the cases.


Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare revealed this data in a press conference on Saturday, 4th April. Briefing the media, Luv Agarwal, Joint Secretary, said:

With regards to mortality, we have seen that age, elderly people, co-morbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, kidney issues and cardiac issues have been a high-risk category. I will once again request people in this category to follow our guidelines.

According to health experts, this age-profiling isn’t surprising as people in the age group 21-40 are the most productive. They are the ones travelling most and thus it is normal to see initial cases of infection in them.