When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade out of it. 

This phrase fits quite aptly for us Indians who make the most out of everything. Even at a time when our country is struggling with a crisis, our creative streak to cope with the pandemic is at an all-time high. Here are a few of them. 

Economic Times

1. Chemistry teacher made a makeshift ‘tripod’ for her phone to teach her students virtually. She tied her phone to a clothes hanger, suspended it between a plastic chair and the ceiling which enabled her students to view the board during the lesson.  

2. A DJ booth was set-up in the middle of the fields in Uttar Pradesh to ward off the locust invasion with loud music. 

3. An auto-rickshaw driver in Kerala installed a soap-dispenser and water dispenser on his three-wheeler so that people could wash hands and then travel on his auto. 

4. While maintaining social distancing, a milk vendor in Jodhpur used a funnel, pipe and tied to a stick to supply milk to the customers. 

5. Amid the pandemic, a Robotic Engineer in Coimbatore built a little robot to run errands for him to maintain social distancing. 

6. A man from Agartala built a ‘social distancing’ bike with seats 1-metre apart to drop off his daughter to school amid coronavirus.  

7. A cab driver in Coimbatore customized his taxi’s interior by fixing transparent plastic sheets to avoid physical contact with both the driver and the fellow passenger. 

8. An innovator in Leh district developed an ‘Infection Free Tap’. This device doesn’t require people to use their hands at all except for washing them. It has two-foot presses at the bottom which releases water and soap after pressing them. 

9. To maintain social distancing, field staff in Dongarwadi, Maharashtra used PVC pipes to distribute food grains to ration cardholders.  

Which jugaad did you like the best?