Only one thing can make watching daily news broadcasts worth it (apart from receiving the news of course), and that is the probability of funny bloopers and fails taking place on-air. 


If you agree with us on this, then here is a list of the many times reporters ended up creating some of the funniest footage available to us humans. 

1. When this Aaj Tak reporter went on to fix her hair while still on air

To be fair, this could have been any of us.

2. When a fight broke out in the middle of a telecast session 

I think what makes it funny is how confused the reporters seemed while this whole situation was taking place and how little control anyone had over it- it was chaos (in the right amount). 

3. When this news channel’s use of special effects was super awkward to watch

Apart from the fact that this reportage was gravely insensitive to the people suffering, it was funny (in a sad and disappointing way) that the crew actually thought their audiences would fall for the terrible special effects job.

4. When this rebuttal became a wholesome source of memes and jokes 

Frankly, it isn’t surprising to see a clip of Arnab Goswami reporting here in this list. Specifically, in this video though, his choice of words seemed like he was tripping on something out there. 

5. When Shweta Singh from Aaj Tak made this misleading statement 

I guess the days of people relying on news reporters and channels for honest, unbiased and absolutely factual information are long gone. I mean this was too far fetched to be said!

6. When a kid crashed a bike on this journalist during live broadcast on Holi

When read, it sounds much more serious than it was. But actually, the reporter emerged from the collision safe and unharmed. 

7. When this Channel 8 reporter had to deal with poor logistics 

It is pretty chuckle-worthy to see this news reporter get a little frightened by the board behind her falling on her (ever so slightly). Also, makes you wonder, how flimsy was the backdrop?


8. When News Express’ Narayan Pargaien thought up of this …err unique way of reporting 

Another insensitive attempt at reporting a disastrous situation. Although the news channel did take accountability and decided to sack Narayan Pargaien after he attempted to use another person to save himself the trouble of standing in floodwater. 


9. When the Howrah Bridge experienced a bit of a jinx on camera 

This NDTV reporter was talking about how beautiful Howrah Bridge looks when it is lit up, and right when he said it, the lights went out! I guess it was a jinx for the bridge and the reporter too. 


10. When this ABP News reporter kept saying ‘Hawa itni tez hai’ while everything around him was pretty much stationary

People raised a bunch of questions around Jitendra Dixit constantly claiming that the weather conditions were extremely rough (while reporting on cyclone Nisarga) because everything around him seemed to be pretty calm. In fact, at one point in the footage, a man behind him can be seen carrying on with his work normally. 

What would the world be without a few accidents and screw ups here and there?