With no work to do because of the lockdown, an 8-year-old kid in Bihar’s Arrah died of hunger, reports The Wire.

The Wire

The child, named Rakesh used to work as a rag-picker and sold junk to make money. His father, on the other hand, was a porter.

However, nation-wide lockdown meant that all the work stopped and so did the daily wage. 

The Wire

Rakesh’s mother Sonamati Devi told The Wire that the night the lockdown was announced, he had a roti. After which, there was nothing to eat.

The child later developed fever and diarrhea and was taken to a nearby hospital. The doctors prescribed the family certain medicines but by the time they could arrange money to buy the same, Rakesh had passed away.  

Hindustan Times

After the child passed away, the family waited for the authorities to help them out, However, that did not happen and the body had to be taken on a cart to be cremated.