Isn’t Christmas one of the best festivals? Food, family, gifts, laughter – what’s not to love about Christmas? Kids especially love Christmas – writing a letter to Santa, and receiving a lot of gifts from their near and dear ones.

kids on christmas
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Sadly, it’s not the same for a lot of people, especially those who are struggling financially. On the one hand where some children get to enjoy Christmas, some on the other hand not just see how difficult it is for their parents, but also understand it.

While some children’s letter to Santa includes wishes for toys and an apology for bad behaviour, an 8-year-old’s letter included a request for some money for her parents.

A Twitter user shared a post wherein she attached her niece’s letter to Santa, and reading that letter brought tears to people’s eyes.

She wrote, “To Santa, all I want for Christmas is some money for Mummy and Daddy. They struggle with bills and mortgages. I even feel sad. Please, please Santa can you make it work? I know it’s a lot though I’m sorry. Love Emmie.”

People on the internet are moved by the selfless and thoughtful letter of this little girl, and requested authorities to do something about it.

letter to santa
letter to santa
letter to santa

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