In what can be called exceptional growth, an 8-year-old has been given direct admission into Class 9 with the permission of UP (Uttar Pradesh) board, reports Hindustan Times

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The boy, named, Rashtram Aditya Shri Krishna is all set to appear for the Class 10 examinations of the UP board next year from M.D Shukla Inter College. 

According to the rules, a student should at least be 14 years of age to appear in Class 10 but being an exception, there will be no such law for Aditya. 

Moreover, Board Secretary Nina Srivastava confirmed the order to Rashtram’s father, who is an astrologer by profession. 

Speaking to media, he said: 

As of now his (Rashtram) focus is on studies. He received primary education at home. He has sound knowledge of mathematics and social science, and has mastered yoga and meditation. He also knows Hindi, English as well as French (up to some extent). We filed an application with the UP Board and it was acknowledged. 
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Speaking on the occasion, Rashtram’s school principal said: 

His father came to us seeking admission in Class 9. Teachers conducted an admission test in which the boy proved to be extraordinarily talented. We wrote a letter to the board seeking permission for his admission and after the permission, formalities are been done.
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Another child prodigy, Sushma Verma in 2007 became the youngest matriculate of the country. She was only 7 at that time and also passed her BSc course at the age of 13.