In another horrific incident of animal cruelty, nine dogs were rescued from Kalyan, Maharashtra, in a house owned by a dentist, who was starving the poor canines to the point where they were forced to eat their own poop to kill their hunger.


According to a TOI report, the dentist in question is Dr. Virendra Singh, 50, who lives in the bungalow with his family and was starving these dogs, for reasons unknown because he has refused to comment on the situation.

He has been booked under sections of the Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals Act, but hasn’t been arrested because it comes under a non-cognizable offence. 


Animal activists weren’t satisfied about this being a non-cognizable offence. Nilesh Bhanage, founder of PAWS, an NGO for animal welfare said,

It’s time we have a new Animal Welfare Act passed in Parliament which is pending since 2015.

Is this what humanity has come to?

Only someone extremely disturbed in the head is capable of torturing innocent, living beings this way that they have to depend on their own excreta for survival.


This man should be made to suffer dire consequences for carrying out this unimaginable act.

H/T: Times of India

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