We often hold back children from doodling on walls and drawing in class. But what happens when you channel their creative energy in the right direction instead? Joe Whale, a 9-year-old has knack for adorable doodles and when he got into trouble for doodling in class, his parents put him into an after-school art class. This was all the push this talented young boy needed! 

Joe doodled the walls of ‘Number 4,’ a restaurant in Shrewsbury, which took 12 hours. And he even has a cute nickname, Doodleboy! Joe’s father, Greg told Bored Panda that it’s all about supporting your children. 

I would advise parents to encourage their children to always follow their passion and dreams — research local workshops or groups within your local community.

-Greg Whale

We’re loving this 9-year-old’s Instagram account! Joe’s truly a gifted artist.