After 90 years, Cadbury Dairy Milk is going to change the recipe of its Fruit and Nut bar. As per the new recipe, sultanas will be added in the chocolate bar to add a little more variety.

” While raisins have actually traditionally been the ‘fruit’ of Cadbury Fruit and Nut, sultanas have been brought into the fold to add more variation. It’s important we have a flexible supply of the dried fruit we use in our famous Fruit and Nut bars to both retain quality and ensure it’s still an affordable treat,” a spokesperson for the company told The Independent .


The new version of the chocolate bar will reportedly be available in your nearest store by the end of November. There will be no change in the design of the package, except that the ingredients section will mention the new addition.

A survey done by Cadbury reported that nearly 200 people were unable to tell the difference between raisins and sultana.

“Many consumers noticed no change in taste when trying both bars, stating both sultanas and raisins were just as tasty as each other,” a Cadbury spokesperson was quoted as saying in an India Today report .