They say age is just a number, and truly it is not holding back 90-years-old Urmila Devi. You may plan to retire when you are old, but she wants to serve society. 

With youth-like enthusiasm, Urmila Devi from Bihar is contesting in the upcoming panchayat elections.

India times

You cannot beat her exuberance, as most of the time, she is out with her son Dayanand Singh meeting people and listening to their problems.

Urmila Devi says, “I am crossing 90 years of age, but still want to take care of the people of my panchayat as a grandmother.”

Furthermore, she has studied till class 7 and is well aware of all the government schemes meant for people’s welfare.  

India times

Urmila Devi is the head of Hathini panchayat in Bihar’s Rohtas district. She is now contesting for the upcoming Panchayat elections in Bihar on September 24. 

At 85, she was the woman mukhiya. She maintained good relations and continued to solve problems in the village irrespective of their castes and creeds.


Prema Devi, a woman voter said, “Our Dadi Mukhiya is an example of woman’s grit and empowerment.”

Urmila Devi travels several kilometres every day and was actively involved in Covid relief efforts.

Indeed, her zeal is an inspiration for all of us to achieve our dreams.