It is never easy to protect your farm and crops from other animals. But while scarecrows are what farmers normally use, a farmer in Karnataka decided to paint his dog like a tiger and scare the monkeys away. And guess what? It worked!


Srikant Gowda, a farmer from Karnataka’s Shivamogga region, was struggling against a ‘monkey infestation’ on his farm. He thus decided to paint orange and white stripes on his dog, to make him look like a tiger and scare away the monkeys. 


Srikant got the idea when he observed another farmer use a tiger doll on his farm to scare away monkeys. He tried that same and it worked, but Srikant realized that a doll may not last long. 

Ali Express (Representational Image)

He thus used paint made up of hair dye, which would last for a month, to disguise the dog. He also put up posters of the dog, painted as a tiger, on the farm.

Not only was the plan successful, but its success also convinced other farmers to follow suit. However, while we understand that certain problems require innovative solutions, we hope the dye is in no way harmful to the dog.