On several occasions social media has come forward to ensure those who display compassion for others get due recognition, like it did for a Air India flight attendant for not shirking her duty and helping the parents of a mentally challenged child.

Journalist Anant Rangaswami was on a flight from Mumbai to Thiruvananthapuram on March 4, when he spotted a young boy who appeared to be mentally challenged seated across the aisle from his parents. The boy was yelling in distress and ended up spilling his meal. But flight attendant Ms A Singh came to check if he was ok, and comforted him.

Rangaswami who saw the flight attendant get back to business as usual after the kind act, posted the incident on Facebook to make the flight attendant feel appreciated. And his post became a platform for people sharing information to track down the flight attendant, even as the post was shared widely.

Finally the flight attendant was tracked down, and Air India honoured her for her inspiring work.