Ever since the pandemic, the country has been taking measures to curb the spread of the disease but there’s one thing which still hasn’t been properly addressed yet. The Migrant Crisis. 

Extending a helping hand, a group of youngsters, in Delhi, rallied together to raise 2.4 lakh rupees so that they can send 400 migrant workers home. 

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Ramandeep Kaur who is part of the group shared that seeing the plight of the labourers, desperate to go home but not having enough sources to buy bus or train tickets, moved them. 

We watched media reports of people who did not have the money to go home. Except for Shramik trains, other rail journeys are not free. Gargi, Manish, Shalu and I decided to do something about it. On June 2, we met around 18 people from different states who were struck in Delhi. We calculated that it would take Rs 23,000 to provide for their journeys. We send out appeals inside our friends circle on WhatsApp and Instagram.

This group of youngsters were able to raise around Rs. 12,000  in less than 10 hours on the first day itself. Using the money, they purchased six tickets. Ramandeep further added: 

In less than 10 hours, we raised around Rs 12,000. Next day we booked six tickets for them. We have raised around Rs 2.50 lakh and send over 400 through trains and buses. 

Several others have also started reaching out to the group in the hopes of going home. 

We have run out of our funds. We have only Rs 20,000- Rs 30,000 left with us. We have more than 250 people who want to go home. We are hopeful that we will manage to raise enough money for the rest of them too. 
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Another group member, Gargi Chauhan said that they were inspired by Sonu Sood and the inactivity of the government to deal with the migrant crisis. 

We can’t see them being so helpless, they don’t have money to eat. After booking six tickets on the first day, we realised we need to take it to a larger level. We were waiting for someone to take the initiative. But the government did not come forward. Everybody was busy doing politics. Then we saw Sonu Sood. He did something that made the government think. He has sent so many people back to their home. 

The group was also aided by some NGOs that helped them arrange buses and food for the migrant workers. They are planning to turn this into a larger initiative and will only stop when they stop getting calls for help. 

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Some NGOs contacted us, they arranged buses and food. They are also providing them food for journey and masks. We criticise governments for everything but it is not going to help. We have to step up. People have donated even Rs 25. 

Among the team members, Ramandeep and Gargi take care of on-ground logistics, Shalu and Manish raise funds. 

Among the 400 people that they were able to send home, Mokhtar is one of them. He is from Malda, West Bengal and used to work at a school in Noida. But due to the lockdown, he lost his job. 

I was stranded in Noida. I used to work at a school there and I lost my job. I thank them for helping us.



This group not only helped people get home but will also inspire others to do the same!