There is no shame in admitting that we Indians love our food and when we really, really love it, we like packing them in our tiffin boxes for later consumption. So imagine how Air India employees felt when they were rebuked for filling their tiffins with the buffet food served at international hotels. 

According to India Today, Hotel Renaissance London wrote to Air India claiming that the crew which would stay at their hotel, would bring empty tiffin boxes during breakfast and fill them with the buffet food to consume later.


Following this, a warning note titled- ‘A buffet is not a takeaway’ was sent by the Assistant general manager to the crew members. The letter warned that those involved in such incidents will be punished and that may include cancellation of their international duties.

Times of India reports two reasons for the incident. While one of the crew members allege that their layover timings are odd and that they are too tired to do anything like that while maintaining that some of them do fill their tiffin boxes, another employee stated that because their hotel is situated close to the airport, they have to take a long trip to the city for better food.


The member added that while their salaries aren’t too much, their layover compensation is meagre and meals ordered in the room is expensive and that’s why some of the crew members pack food to eat later. 

(Feature image source: AFP)