Innocent lives have been mercilessly culled from this planet. An entire generation of youth was gunned down, in a school, as the world watched, helplessly.

The attack by Tehrik-i-Taliban on Peshawar’s Army Public School on December 16 that killed 141, including 132 students, is quite possibly the most gruesome attack on innocent children.

But that didn’t hijack their Christmas spirit.

Source: Huffington Post

Over a hundred Pakistanis from Karachi’s Christian community, mostly children, marched in their Santa outfits, sending out a crystal clear message to Taliban:

“United we stand, in grief and sorrow.”

Source: Huffington Post

They prayed for those who lost their lives.

Source: Huffington Post

And they raised their small fists against those who took those lives.

Source: Huffington Post

They looked like small bundles of much-needed joy.

Source: Huffington Post

They looked tall alongside guns, bearing the message of love.

Source: BuzzFeed

Pakistan’s children are this world’s children. And while the world grieves, the children have successfully sent out a clear message to warring adults.

This year, Santa brings you the gift of thought. Be good.

H/t Huffington Post