It’s a heart-warming story we all perhaps needed from Pakistan after the tragic suicide bombing in Lahore that claimed 60 lives.

A resident of Karachi, Wahid Khan, celebrated Holi and played with colours with his friends in the city. Next, he decided to take a bus home despite warnings from his friends that he shouldn’t use public transport and take a rickshaw instead. 

But Wahid didn’t budge and rode in a bus anyway.

It turned out that the concerns of his friends indeed meant something, for an elderly man sitting beside him first asked him if he was a Hindu, and then expressed shock when he learnt the young man was a Muslim. The conversation even prompted fellow passengers to butt in.

Here’s what happened next, as told in a Facebook post by Wahid himself:

The post has been liked by a massive 21,000 people and shared more than 3,200 times! 

And it restores our faith in humanity.