Our farmers have been protesting for a while now, braving all kinds of harsh weather. Come biting winters or melting summers, they have been at it without a break. 

But to give them a sigh of relief, a UK-based charity organization named Khalsa Aid has volunteered to set up coolers, provide mosquito creams and repellants, and even increase the supply of water. 

The charity has taken this step keeping in mind the hot summers and how difficult it would get to protest during the same. 

This step is being carried out across the protest sites. 

Protestors were provided with mosquito nets and repellent creams on Wednesday by the Khalsa Aid at the protest sites in Delhi. 

They were seen distributing water as they stepped up their distribution drive due to a sudden rise in temperature.  

Prior to that, the Khalsa Aid unloaded air coolers for protestors to brave the heat in the shelter home at the Singhu border.

They have been diligently helping out the farmers in any way possible for three months now. 

Not just that, they have been running a massage center for the protestors at the Tikri border for the past two months now. 

Reportedly, they served langars back in December and also set up camps for the farmers at the sites.

The same report mentions that the Khalsa Aid has also been running a 600-bed full-to-capacity shelter. And, also run two ‘Kisan Malls’ to provide farmers with daily use things like inner-wear, toothbrush, sanitary pads, etc. 

The Khalsa Aid has been working tirelessly to help our dear farmers in this important yet difficult time in their lives.