While normal patterns around us have been disrupted due to the pandemic, the cosmic patterns still remain the same. 

A celestial event will be taking place on June 21st in India. This will be the deepest annual solar eclipse of this century where the new moon will block out some part of the sun, leaving the outer rim of the sun. This will make the sun look like a ring of fire, something like a Lord of the Rings movie. 


This annular solar eclipse will be seen in parts of Africa and Asia. Where in India, it will be running through Rajasthan, Uttrakhand and Haryana. NASA added, 

A narrow stripe from Africa to the Pacific Ocean will see the Moon in front of the Sun (blocking 99.4% of the Sun at its peak in northern India) such that only a bright ring is visible. 

According to TOI, The partial eclipse will be visible in India from different places at different timings between 9:56 am and 2:28 pm. In Delhi, the eclipse will begin at 10:19 am and end at 1:48 pm, with the maximum phase occurring at 12:01 pm.      

The Nanjinger

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any astronomy lover. An eclipse should not be seen through naked eyes. To watch it one can make a pinhole on cardboard and project the image of the Sun on a white paper or on a wall. One can use a solar filter on a telescope to observe. Even syntax can be used.