We often forget that there are many individuals in India who don’t even get three square meals a day. India has improved its ranking in The Global Hunger Index , by moving up to 55 from 63, but fighting hunger remains a challenge, a big one at that.

However, things are different in Mahoba district of Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh. A group of enterprising youth have vowed to not let anyone suffer because of hunger. They have created an unique ‘Roti bank’ which is setting an example for the rest of India.

The youngsters knock on the doors of common residents, asking them to donate two rotis to their bank so that those who’re hungry may be fed. The initiative which was started in the month of April this year and used to feed beggars and the destitute in the beginning has now become a big movement in the area.

The beneficiaries now include patients and attendants outside hospitals, the poor on the roads and the railway station and slum dwellers.