Casteism reached a whole new level of ridiculousness when a principal in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras district segregated Class IX students on the basis of caste and further discriminated in extending educational guidance by appointing class teachers on a similar basis.

He allegedly appointed a general class teacher to teach ‘elite’ caste students, an OBC teacher for the backward caste students and a Dalit for the schedule class students, said a report in PTI.

Acting on the complaints that the principal, Radhe Shyam Varshney, of Seth Phulchand Bagla inter college, a government aided institution, was indulging in such ruthless casteism, DM AK Singh ordered an inquiry by the District inspector of Schools.

 He was suspended after the allegations were confirmed.

b’Source: AFP’

“We had received a complaint of discrimination against Principal of Seth Phulchand Baagla Inter College for separating classes on the basis of caste. We conducted an inquiry and found that three sections — A, B, C — of Class 9 had difference in ratio over the distribution of General, SC and OBC students,” Singh told PTI.

“We are planning to take strict action. We have advised the college administration to distribute the students evenly in the class,” the DM added. 

Students have complained that this practice has been going on since the beginning of the session in April. They further disclosed that there was discrimination on the basis of caste in seating arrangements and the admission process of the institution. 

It is incredible that a certain section of people in India are so insanely hooked on casteism and work out such atrocious ‘caste arithmetic’ to display their outdated mindset. While Dalits struggle to break free from clutches of the caste system, such practices often do not see the light of the day.

If only we could overlook fringes and embrace equality!