On Sunday, Twitter witnessed a very personal side of prime minister Narendra Modi after he posted photographs of himself with his mother, Hiraba, when she visited him at 7, Race Course Road – the official residence of the Prime Minister of India – for the first time.

This picture was among the many that Modi tweeted:

Here, Modi can be seen taking her mother around on a wheelchair and pointing at something specific in a garden.

A Twitter user decided to have some fun with this picture. And he used the image to troll Modi’s opponents – everyone from Arvind Kejriwal to Rahul Gandhi to Mani Shankar Iyer.

This is the meme that started it all, not surprisingly directed at Arvind Kejriwal – who is clearly getting under Modi’s skin like none else. 

AAP’s Ashutosh was the next

Mani Shankar Iyer’s ‘chai’ jab haunting him again

Robert Vadra the ‘land-grabber’

‘Coz Kejriwal deserves more than one meme

Rahul Gandhi’s turn

Beyond politics

And the user had a rather smart way to conclude his series, by trolling himself