Do you know, a strange piece of space junk named WT1190F may crash into the Indian ocean this November?

Scientists have discovered that an unidentified flying object (UFO), which may be a piece of old man- made space junk around some 2m long, is headed straight for earth. The object appears to be hollow or bent.

Catalina Sky Survey, a project intended to provide early warning of approaching comets and asteroids, discovered the UFO in October.

It is said to collide with Earth, whatever bits of it that will not burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere, at about 6.15 am on November 13 in the Indian Ocean around 40 miles off the southern tip of Sri Lanka.

The object was first spotted in February 2013, then lost a couple of times and re-discovered earlier this month. There is lots of man-made space junk but WT1190F is the first ever to crash into Earth.