In order to help combat the Coronavirus outbreak, Kerala has decided to deploy a women-only Covid-19 bike patrolling unit, across the state. 

Hindustan Times (Exclusive Photo)

The concept was first introduced in Thrissur, Kerala and it was a resounding success. Consequently, it was decided to deploy female police officers, on bikes, across the state to guard quarantine centers, enforce lockdown rules, and maintain social distancing. 

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As per a report by Hindustan Times, DGP Loknath Behera shared how effectively the women bike squad handled violators, while also helping those in need: 

Daredevil riders have shown what women power is. They are in constant touch with people in quarantine and boost their confidence, at the same time they are tough with violators. They registered several cases in a few days. They handle the situation with care and compassion.

Kerala has seen one of the most successful responses to the Covid-19 outbreak in India. 

H/T: Hindustan Times