Social media gives people an opportunity to showcase their talent and reach a large number of users. But not every content creator gets noticed or receives love. Most often it’s people’s stories that touch our hearts and we give love to their content.

Aakash Chiripal, an Instagram user and fashion enthusiast is making his presence felt on the platform through his fashion reels and remixes.

The 30-year-old Instagrammer with Down syndrome is a huge fan of Siddharth Batra, a popular fashion blogger. 

Aakash started recreating Siddharth’s videos on Instagram and other fashion looks in March 2021. Until then his sister, Sanchi, used to shoot random videos of him and uploaded them on Instagram.

Once when she was watching one of Siddharth’s fashion reels on Instagram, Aakash showed interest in recreating the same. Sanchi spoke to HT about this moment.

Aakash pointed to it and got excited when I asked if he wanted to recreate it. That’s how it began!

Aakash was recently awarded the HT Brunch award for Social Media Star of the Week. Sanchi also told HT why Aakash does all the shoots despite having a minimal attention span.

He does 90% of the shoots because he gets to wear new clothes. If he’s up for a video, he will do it during his nap time. That is a big deal as he does not sacrifice his sleep for anything.

Some of his Instagram videos have recorded over 2-3 million views.

This is him recreating Siddharth Batra’s reels.

Another video of him remixed with Komal Pandey’s looks.

Aakash has been spreading positvity and inspiration with his cute videos on Instagram and we are so proud of him.

You can see more of his content here.