Suchita Gupta was stuck in the traffic in Delhi when she came face-to-face with the arrogance of the AAP government. According to her Facebook post, she had turned on her right indicator yet a car belonging to the Government of Delhi swept past her, damaging her vehicle. 

“When I tried to speak to the person sitting inside he refused to talk. I demanded him to give me his business card but he said kar lo jo karna hai, gadi zabt ho jayege tumhari, dhoondte rahoge. And as I was dialing the police helpline, these people sped away. 

The traffic cop was standing behind me but appeared absolutely helpless.

The cops were equally helpless because in their words they can’t do anything because ‪#‎Kejriwal‬ ministers are ‪#‎obnoxious‬,” she wrote on her Facebook page

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