Social media is great in the way it gives a voice to the voiceless, has the ability to transform lives and bring about the needed change.

Almost a fortnight ago, a local photo journalist clicked a picture of a little boy sleeping with his dog on the streets of Muzaffarnagar and uploaded it on social media. And now everyone is talking about the kid whose father is apparently in jail and mother abandoned him.


For years now, Ankit has been surviving by selling balloons and working at a tea stall during the day and sleeping on the foothpath during the night.

With no home or no memory of where he belongs to, Ankit has Danny, a dog that’s always by his side.

Whatever little he earns during the day, is spent in feeding himself and Danny.

As per the tea stall owner where Ankit works at times:

The dog would be sitting in a corner as long as the boy worked here. Ankit is self-respecting and would never take anything for free, not even milk for his dog.

Soon after his pic with Danny went viral, the city administration started looking for him and eventually traced him, this Monday. He is presently under the care of Muzaffarnagar police and is staying at a shelter home.

The picture and the story behind it has gained everyone’s attention. While netizens applauded the administration for their efforts, they also requested that Danny and Ankit shouldn’t be separated.

As per latest reports by The Tribune, the police department is planning to admit Ankit into the Modern Police School, as private institutions are reluctant to give admission to the boy who has never been to school. Several families have reportedly also come forward to adopt the child.

We wish Ankit and Danny find a loving and caring home soon.