Activists of the BJPs student wing ABVP stormed Jammu University and disrupted a football match between students of the varsity and Islamic University of Science and Technology, alleging that students from Kashmir had disrespected the national anthem.

Jammu University authorities have ordered a probe and set up a committee to look into the allegations levelled by the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) over disrespect of the national anthem by students of Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agriculture, Science and Technology (SKUAST) of Kashmir.

b’Protests at Jammu University/ Source: Facebook’

“We cannot allow anybody to disrespect the national anthem. A committee has been set up to probe the allegation”, Vice Chancellor of Jammu University, Prof R D Sharma said.

ABVP activists alleged the students from SKUAST of Kashmir disrespected the national anthem before the start of a football match at Jammu Universitys ground.

“We have cited a photograph which is being circulated on social media, purportedly showing two students from Kashmir talking to each other during the national anthem at the inaugural function on April 3 allegedly disrespected the national anthem”, a ABVP student said.

b’ABVP activists raised slogans and held a sit-in protest at University/ Source: PTI’

ABVP activists allegedly entered the Jammu University’s sports ground on Friday during the football final between students of Jammu University and the Islamic University of Science and Technology and raised slogans. They also held a sit-in protest.

Prof Sharma said ABVP activists allegedly entered the ground and disrupted the competition.

“We had to cancel some of the competitions, because we have three venues on the campus and it is difficult to organise and control such a situation created by these elements. We got the information (about some allegations related to disrespect of national anthem) in the evening on the inaugural day of the first inter-university sports championship of 12 universities of Jammu and Kashmir held here. 700 students took part in it”, the Vice-Chancellor said.

b’Police was given the names and some of the ABVP activists have been identified/ Representational Image/Source: PTI’

However, the Vice Chancellor said he has not found any truth in the allegations so far.

“There was no such kind of experience we had from any quarter. We were told that some of the students from SKUAST were not serious. We examined it and could not find any truth in it”, he said, adding that the next day some of the pictures went viral on social media involving the sportspersons from Kashmir.

“Jammu University constituted the committee to probe it. It is being looked into.If there is any proof those people (ABVP) should come forward with proof to the committee. We promise action as we will not tolerate disrespect to national anthem”, Prof Sharma said.

The students organisation along with some people from outside the campus aggravated the situation and disrupted the match, he said, adding that police was informed in advance.

Police was given the names and some of them have been identified, he said, adding that, “if someone has done any wrong it will be taken care of within the university norms as we cannot allow anybody to disrespect the national anthem”.

(Feature image for representation/ Source: AFP)