A horrifying accident took place on Hyderabad’s newly-opened biodiversity flyover after a car lost control and fell off the bridge. Soon after the accident, many took social media to report the incident.

The car fell off the flyover and onto a pedestrian and injured 6 others. Visuals from the CCTV footage shows the horrifying sight of a car crashing down the flyover.

The flyover has been temporarily closed down after the accident.

Here’s another angle of the incident. Skip to 35 seconds to watch the car speeding on the flyover.

This is the second major accident to take place on the flyover since it was inaugurated on November 4 by Municipal Minister KT Rama Rao.

Earlier, two were killed while four suffered injuries when 28-year-old techie, P Abhilash, was speeding his car at a high speed.

According to The Times Of India, when cops subjected him with a breathalyser test, Abhilash blood alcohol content was 223 mg/100ml, which is seven times higher than the permissible limit.