The odd even formula might be the Delhi government’s way of bringing down pollution, but it will also have a positive effect on traffic in the city, which has been named as the third toughest city to navigate, in the world.

The observation came from a study carried out by automotive technology firm Drivemode , which is based on the percentage of people using navigation apps like Google Maps. While 50% of drivers in Delhi use help for navigation, it follows Manila and Riyadh with 58% and 56% respectively , reports Business Insider .

But on the plus side, drivers in Mumbai and Delhi have been found to be less distracted in comparison to their counterparts in US and Canada. This means that more divers in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles, text or talk over the phone while driving.

The CEO and co-founder of Drivemode Yo Koga told The Economic Times that, “While smartphone use in the car remains a universal experience, we found a distinct divide between the way Westerners multitask while in the car, and how the rest of the world uses their phones behind the wheel.”

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The study was conducted by Drivemode with 25000 users, in 16 cities over a time period of three months from August to October 2015. Drivemode is an Android app which allows users to access music, navigation, text and call functions on their phone without taking eyes off the road, through the no-look interface.