The anti-CAA sentiment has been boiling for a while now, which has led to a spate of pro-CAA protests. As the movement has grown in size and voice, the efforts to impose the bill in the country have also been multiplied.

Indian Express

In order to drum up support, the BJP has now released a toll free number (8866288662) that the public can call to register their support for the Act.

BJP leader Anil Jain told the media,

This campaign is aimed to do away with misgivings about the CAA. People can give a missed call to toll-free number 8866288662 and extend their support to the new law.
Free Press Journal

As soon as the news spread, several tweets started appearing with the same phone number, offering everything from jobs to discounts to sex. And even Netflix!


It got so bad, Netflix even replied to one of fake tweets promising a free subscription.

As ridiculous as it is, the fact remains that the numbers from this fabricated campaign can be used to convince people that there is, in fact, widespread support for the CAA. For now, if you see any offers on Twitter that seem a little too good to be true, they probably are.