A woman journalist working with an online news portal DNA on Monday reportedly jumped to her death from the fifth floor of a building in Faridabad on Sunday night, police said. 

According to the police, the victim Pooja Tiwari and her friend Anuj Mishra, were recently booked for allegedly extorting Rs 2 lakh from a doctor. 

An Indian Express report said that the journalist had conducted a sting operation that was published on the website last month. The sting operation alleged that the doctor didn’t hold a medical degree and provided patients with Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) kits. 

Here’s the sting operation video: 

The doctor trapped in the sting operation filed an FIR against her and said that the journalist had been demanding Rs 2 lakh from him as a result of which she was suspended from her job. 

On May 1, the journalist was with her friend and a Haryana police inspector, when in an inebriated state Tiwari went to the balcony of her fifth floor apartment and jumped from it, reports the Hindu

The Haryana Police inspector, who is a family friend, was present in the room has told police officials who arrived at the spot, that he had tried to prevent the suicide but she had jumped off. There was no suicide note. 

The police are now awaiting the post mortem report of the journalist to confirm the cause of death.

(Feature image source: Twitter | @abpnewstv)