2020 has been marred by the pandemic. In the future, when we look back, this will be an important milestone that separates pre-COVID and post-COVID history. Things have been tough like never before for most of the planet. But there have also been silver linings. People have gone out of their way to show kindness and help others. This is a list of such people, who went above and beyond their duty to give back a little to society. 

1. Husband celebrates 67th anniversary with wife, despite being separated due to COVID restrictions. 

Due to visitor restrictions at Nancy’s residential aged care home, Bob pulled together a sign and balloons and waved to his loved one from outside. The sign read ‘I’ve loved you for 67 years and still do. Happy Anniversary’. This was the first anniversary that Bob and Nancy have ever been apart. 


2. Iceland Grocery Store in Belfast, became one of the first in the world (in March) to open its stores exclusively for elderly people and requested other stores to do the same. 

This was the beginning of the pandemic when everyone was freaking out about the lockdowns and was really crowding supermarkets and shops to be able to hoard things. Naturally, this is not an ideal situation for older people. But thankfully, for the people of Belfast, Iceland Grocery had different ideas. 

3. Rebecca Mera went out of her way to help an elderly couple who had been sitting in a car for 45 minutes because they were afraid of going inside the store to buy essentials. 

Novel Coronavirus is known to prey on people with a weakened immunity system. That puts the elderly right at risk. So naturally, this older couple was scared of going into the shop in the midst of a crowd and so had been waiting in their car for 45 minutes before someone came to help them. 

4. You must remember this image of a vegetable vendor sitting in the midst of Mumbai floods. He had opened his shop for the first time after the lockdown only to have it washed away in the floods. Well, his story did not end there. 

Mumbai Mirror

After the picture went viral, Mumbaikars really came through with the heart and spirit everyone talks about in the city. They started donating whatever amount they could to help the poor vendor. And well, it worked. 

5. Due to schools being shut, this has been a very tough year for students, especially poor students from remote areas. Given that most of them do not have the wealth or the resources to attend online classes, this was an academically wasted year. But, not for the kids in this Jharkhand village. 

He found a way to establish social distancing by having an open classroom and he used speakers to communicate with them. 

6. Again, due to this year being marred by the pandemic, it was extremely tough for kids to attend schools or study. But it was during this time that Arunachal Pradesh’s Nugurang Meena set up a mobile library to help the children pick up good learning habits. 

Meena is known to have invested Rs 20,000 of her own money in this library to help the kids in the region. 

7. As mentioned earlier, this was a very difficult year for everyone, but especially for old people. But this guy sat outside Walmart and kept passing free toilet papers to the elderly. 

People were walking into the store to buy essentials but had to come home empty-handed as most of the stuff had been hoarded and thus was missing from the stores. However, when this lady went to the store with her mom, she found out that there was a guy in the parking lot, stopping the elderly and passing them toilet papers, something he didn’t even charge them for. He was just being nice.


8. This kid used a 3D printers to print out ear guards so that healthcare workers could keep wearing the masks without hurting their ears really bad. 

You must have come across images and videos of healthcare workers being in their PPE suits and masks for hours on an end and you can tell that it is really painful. And if you have worn a mask for a long period of time, it does tend to cut into your ears. So to help these people out, this boy scout printed ear guards and gave them away to healthcare workers. 


9. This UK grocery shop set up exclusive hours for just nurses so that they can come back from saving lives and still manage to purchase essential commodities. 

When people were being mean and spitting on healthcare workers and avoiding them, this little shop decided it wanted to contribute to help these people who save our lives. So, it set up exclusive hours for nurses, who can come back from long hours at work and still manage to buy things without the fear of ever running out of supplies. 


10. Landlords can be nasty people. You never have to go far to hear a terrible landlord story. But this is not one of those stories. 

This Twitter user told the story of her friends’ landlord halving their rents for a couple of months and giving them back a majority of their security deposit to help her and her roomate, both of whom work in the food industry. 

11. It can be easy to forget the elderly, not just in the society but also in your own families. But that is not the case here. 

This family who couldn’t meet their grandma or risk her getting infected with COVID, got together to find a way to help celebrate her 65th birthday while maintaining social distance. 


12. Again, the pandemic meant that people with even slight health conditions couldn’t go out or risk getting infected. In times like these, everyone needs a little angelic assistance. 

And these people got it. 13-year-old Drew wrote a letter to all his neighbours offering his help to run errands for any neighbour who required it. 


These are shitty times. But it is only in times like these that you find out the best in people.