Shimla is one of the most popular hill stations in our country but, if you’ve been there you may have noticed massive number of stray dogs on the streets. So, to deal with that a new initiative has been launched to help the stray dogs. 

In order to deal with the rise in stray dog population, the Shimla Municipal Corporation (MC) has launched a Street Dog Adoption and Management Programme that offers some attractive incentives for anyone who finds a forever home for a stray dog. 

Under this initiative, anyone who adopts a stray dog will be exempted from garbage fee collection and they will also get free parking spots. However, its implementation hasn’t been done yet.

The policy was introduced last year, in November to reduce rise in stray dog population. While speaking about the new policy, Dr Neeraj Mohan, Veterinary Public Health Officer, whose office implements the programme said:

Till date, 155 dogs have been adopted in the city – 83 by individuals and 72 by communities such as Beopar Mandals/ NGOs/ Resident Welfare Associations etc. It’s mostly animal lovers who have come forward to adopt the dogs.

The incentive also has a provision that penalises those who fail to feed and care for these adopted stray dogs so that none of them are mistreated. 

This initiative was launched because there are about 2,000-2,500 stray dogs within the municipal limits and approximately 60 cases of dog bites are reported almost every month.