Love always finds a way and distance has nothing to do with it. And, this adorable couple’s love story proves exactly that. 

Ranjeet Singh Rajawat worked as an auto-rickshaw driver in Jaipur and Sarah Manschot from France was visiting Jaipur as a tourist but little did they know that destiny had other plans for them.

Ranjeet and Sarah met in 2012 when she came to India with her childhood friend on a trip. Their plan was to be in India for three weeks and travel to different places but, that never happened. When Sarah met Ranjeet for the first time in Jaipur, something clicked and they fell in love. Sarah ended up spending 10 days in Rajasthan.

Thankfully, language was never a barrier for them because Ranjeet had learnt the basics of English from one of his colleagues way before he met Sarah. He also used to interact with other foreign tourists to brush up on his English speaking skills.  

After Sarah returned to France they kept in touch and they grew fond of each other. They would spend hours on Skype but, both of them knew that they wanted more.

Sarah visited India more often especially during festivals but, she also wanted Ranjeet to visit her home country, France. Ranjeet applied for a visa in 2013 but, it got rejected multiple times. But, they didn’t give up on each other. When Sarah came to India in June they applied for a visa again and did a little ‘strike’ and the officials finally gave in. 

He finally visited her in France and stayed there for 3 months. In 2015, they tied the knot in France and now they are parents to two cute children. But, their struggles didn’t end there just yet. Ranjeet needed a long-term visa and for that he was required to learn French. He was reluctant at first but, he finally learnt the basics.

In France, he took up a part-time job at restaurants but, after the pandemic hit, he became a stay-at-home husband to look after their children. Now, he has started his own YouTube channel on food and travel. 

The society often judges them but, they couldn’t care less as they have each other’s support and love. 

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They are recieving a lot of love on the inernet. 

What a filmy love story!