If you’ve ever felt outsmarted, tricked or deceived by an advertisement, this little piece of news will fill your heart with joy. A group of consumer rights experts came together to explain how you can now sue these advertisements under the Consumer Protection Act.

Right from undergarment advertisements where the model is shown as a person with superhuman powers to nutrient supplements for children which claim to make them taller, one can take on manufacturers for making such unreal claims,” MS Kamath of the Consumer Guidance Society told TOI .

So, if you’ve ever felt cheated by those pesky advertisers, the thought of suing them might bring a smile to your face. Now, armed with this happy piece of information, which products are sue-worthy? We list them out.

1. Fairness creams

Need we really say anything?

2. Shampoos

Sorry to burst your bubble, but your hair will never look like the shiny locks Kareena flaunts. Rinse and repeat, if you must.

3. Deodorants

Contrary to popular belief, the ‘Axe Effect’ isn’t that effective when it comes to finding yourself a woman.

4. Toothpastes

So shiny, so white, so pretty. And also, so untrue.

5. Innerwear

Your baniyaan doesn’t make you a macho man. Thankfully, we’ve all caught on.

6. Paint

Paint that feels like silk. Pfft! PFFT!

7. Juices

They actually tried to position a certain juice brand as “better than water”!

8. Cold drinks

Raise your hand if consumption of a cola has led to a crazy adrenaline rush? Some body? Anybody?

9. Thermals

Bitter cold lies. That is all.

10. Sanitary pads

Which woman looks that happy when that time of the month comes a-knocking? And white pants, seriously?

11. After shave/Shaving creams

Go ahead, smell like a man. Whatever that means.

12. Condoms

If they’re promising anything other than protection, they’re misleading you.

13. Nutritional supplements

Are you a ‘Complan boy’? Good for you. But don’t expect to grow into Hulk overnight. Just saying.

14. Glasses

Unless these are magical glasses that significantly alter your personality, don’t fall for any of their promises.

15. Footwear

Paragon or not, your chappals are not made for the snow. Or fire.

Sue away, empowered consumers!

(All images sourced from YouTube)