Chennai is in a bad shape. The current deluge is already the most the city has seen in a century and, unfortunately, it is set to get worse. You have heard the news, watched the videos and seen pictures of people swimming in the deluge. And, now, here’s aerial footage from a drone flying up above the city showing how bad the situation is. From Nungambakkam to Madipakkam, Begumpet to Saidapet, Velacherry to Adyar, it’s one huge body of water.

Cars floating, houses submerged, people wading through water, y ou can barely see rooftops in some scenes. The blame game might continue but people are doing their bit to help out the ones stranded without food or water. From social media to telecom companies , everyone is contributing in whatever way they can to make sure the city doesn’t go down the drain.

Watch the footage from Thanthi TV in Tamil. You don’t need to know the language to make out that the city is floating:

Stay afloat, Chennai.

(Feature image sourced from PTI)